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Our February, 2005 gig at the Mocha
Shrine featured the University of
Western Ontario Jazz Ensemble

UWO Big Band Jazz Ensemble

On Sunday, February 13th at 2 P.M. the London Jazz Society presented The UWO Jazz Ensemble at the Mocha Shrine located at 468 Colborne Street, just north of Queens Ave. The UWO Jazz Ensemble is a big band that should not be missed. The ensemble generally consists of approximately 20 players/vocalists and occasionally there are several subs on hand as well.

There is a special connection between this band and The London Jazz Society. Following the death, in 1994, of Ms. Doris Jackson, who was instrumental in the organizing and founding of the society, the club decided to create a scholarship at The University of Western Ontario, in cooperation with The Faculty of Music, in her memory.

Originally one award fund was started in 1995. A few years later the fund was divided to create a second fund that could take advantage of matching Government grants that were being offered. Updates from the University, dated April 2004, giving the status of the two funds are include in the January/February LJS newsletter. It should be noted that most of the money, in both funds, was raised through special events, private donations and a number of fund raising events, such as garage sales. The money did not come out of the clubs operating budget; where would a jazz society get this kind of money?

All the credit for the success of the funds goes to the musicians, our members and friends. We thank each and every one of you that donated time, energy and financially to this venture. All the money raised on February 13th will go into the two funds. The current director of the jazz ensemble is Toronto guitarist Andrew Scott. Andrew was born in Toronto and is a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music. As director, he follows such jazz icons as Phil Nimmons, Alastair Kay, (who was lead trombonist with the Boss Brass) and another trombonist, London's very own Rob Stone.

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