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On Sunday November 2nd, 2008 the
London Jazz Society presented the
famous Peter Appleyard All-Star Quartet

'Peter Appleyard All-Star Quartet'

On Sunday November 2nd, 2008 at 2 P.M., the London Jazz Society presented a special concert with jazz icon Peter Appleyard. Peter had a television program that was seen across Canada for many years, and so it was a real treat to see him here in London, Ontario. He mentioned during the concert that London was an important city to him early in his career, when he played several gigs at Campbell's Jazz Club. His popular television program was always very lively with lots of interaction between him and his fellow musicians and guests. This concert at the Mocha Shrine Centre followed that tradition with Peter moving around the stage to play other intruments and even to the drums for an impressive solo.

Peter has been a supporter of the London Jazz Society for many years and we are proud to have had him on our society advisory board. We are sad to report that Peter Appleyard passed away a few years after his visit to the London Jazz Society and we extend our deepest sympathy to his family and friends for their, and our, profound loss.

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